OpenRouter supports text-to-3D Object generation, currently in beta. See supported media models and try a demo. To generate 3D Objects, send a POST request to https://openrouter.ai/api/v1/objects/generations

curl https://openrouter.ai/api/v1/objects/generations \\
  -H "Content-Type: application/json" \\
  -H "Authorization: Bearer $OPENROUTER_API_KEY" \\
  -H "HTTP-Referer: $YOUR_SITE_URL" \\
  -H "X-Title: $YOUR_SITE_NAME" \\
  -d '{
    "prompt": "a chair shaped like an avacado",
    "num_inference_steps": 32,
    "num_outputs": 1,
    "extension": "ply",
    "model": "openai/shap-e"

You should recieve a response of type MediaResponse:

//Each generation will contain either a base64 string or a hosted url, or both.
interface MediaOutput {
  uri?: string; //base64 string
  url?: string; //hosted url

interface MediaResponse {
  generations: MediaOutput[];