Dolphin 2.9.2 Mixtral 8x22B 🐬


Updated Jun 865,536 context
$1/M input tkns$1/M output tkns

Dolphin 2.9 is designed for instruction following, conversational, and coding. This model is a finetune of Mixtral 8x22B Instruct. It features a 64k context length and was fine-tuned with a 16k sequence length using ChatML templates.

This model is a successor to Dolphin Mixtral 8x7B.

The model is uncensored and is stripped of alignment and bias. It requires an external alignment layer for ethical use. Users are cautioned to use this highly compliant model responsibly, as detailed in a blog post about uncensored models at

#moe #uncensored

Note: This model is new and experimental, and may be removed if overall usage is too low.