Phi-3 Medium 128K Instruct (free)


Updated May 24128,000 context
$0/M input tkns$0/M output tkns

Phi-3 128K Medium is a powerful 14-billion parameter model designed for advanced language understanding, reasoning, and instruction following. Optimized through supervised fine-tuning and preference adjustments, it excels in tasks involving common sense, mathematics, logical reasoning, and code processing.

At time of release, Phi-3 Medium demonstrated state-of-the-art performance among lightweight models. In the MMLU-Pro eval, the model even comes close to a Llama3 70B level of performance.

For 4k context length, try Phi-3 Medium 4K.

Note: this is a free, rate-limited version of this model. Outputs may be cached. Read about rate limits here.