RWKV v5: Eagle 7B


Updated Jan 2910,000 context
$0 / 1M input tokens$0 / 1M output tokens

Eagle 7B is trained on 1.1 Trillion Tokens across 100+ world languages (70% English, 15% multilang, 15% code).

  • Built on the RWKV-v5 architecture (a linear transformer with 10-100x+ lower inference cost)
  • Ranks as the world's greenest 7B model (per token)
  • Outperforms all 7B class models in multi-lingual benchmarks
  • Approaches Falcon (1.5T), LLaMA2 (2T), Mistral (>2T?) level of performance in English evals
  • Trade blows with MPT-7B (1T) in English evals
  • All while being an "Attention-Free Transformer"

Eagle 7B models are provided for free, by Recursal.AI, for the beta period till end of March 2024

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