Toppy M 7B (free)


Updated Nov 104,096 context
$0 / 1M input tokens$0 / 1M output tokens

A wild 7B parameter model that merges several models using the new task_arithmetic merge method from mergekit. List of merged models:

  • NousResearch/Nous-Capybara-7B-V1.9
  • HuggingFaceH4/zephyr-7b-beta
  • lemonilia/AshhLimaRP-Mistral-7B
  • Vulkane/120-Days-of-Sodom-LoRA-Mistral-7b
  • Undi95/Mistral-pippa-sharegpt-7b-qlora

#merge #uncensored

Note: this is a free, rate-limited version of this model. Outputs may be cached. Read about rate limits here.

OpenRouter first attempts the primary provider, and falls back to others if it encounters an error. Prices displayed per million tokens.