Toppy M 7B (nitro)


Updated Apr 154,096 context
$0.07/M input tkns$0.07/M output tkns

A wild 7B parameter model that merges several models using the new task_arithmetic merge method from mergekit. List of merged models:

  • NousResearch/Nous-Capybara-7B-V1.9
  • HuggingFaceH4/zephyr-7b-beta
  • lemonilia/AshhLimaRP-Mistral-7B
  • Vulkane/120-Days-of-Sodom-LoRA-Mistral-7b
  • Undi95/Mistral-pippa-sharegpt-7b-qlora

#merge #uncensored

Note: this is a higher-throughput version of this model, and may have higher prices and slightly different outputs.